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Miss Hybrid

Stick On Anal Mistress Hybrid

Stick On Anal, Miss Hybrid, nylons, fishnets, dildo, toys

Stick On Anal Mistress Hybrid
I am Miss Hybrid’s Personal Assistant , Felix The Worm and am a real pervert, spying on her with secret, hidden cameras and taking candid pictures of her to enhance my sexual gratification. With my collection of covertly taken imagery I have created a new website to showcase my seedy handiwork. The footage highlights some of my Mistress’s more personal moments of sexual depravity in her English Mansion.

Stick On Anal, Miss Hybrid, nylons, fishnets, dildo, toys

I had a great day yesterday. Mistress was so distracted having photos taken that I managed to get lots of fantastic shots of her. She was taking some very hardcore shots of a huge stick on cock up her arse. Come and visit me at FelixTheWorm.com, Felix

Miss Hybrid is aware of my inappropriate behaviour and I am continually being punished.

Willkommen bei Miss Hybrid.com, der geilen englischen Lady

Miss Hybrid Strumpfhosen Leder


Englischen Lady Frau Mischling, deren Leben im Herrenhaus auf dem Land gefilmt wird.

Mistress Hybrid and Slaves

Willkommen im Alltag in meinem Herrenhaus, wo das gesamte Dienstpersonal aus Perversen besteht. Das war die einzige erforderliche Eigenschaft, um den Job zu bekommen. Beobachte das abartige Treiben Woche für Woche! Ich erforsche gern die Absichten und Wünsche, die zum Ficken führen. Der Fickakt um seiner selbst willen langweilt mich. Dagegen mag ich den Kitzel, richtig versaut zu sein, und ich bin allzeit bereit: ratsch! die Strumpfhose aufgerissen und den Schlüpfer runter oder zur Seite gezerrt. Meine Fachkenntnisse umfassen Schwanzlutschen, Tittenfick, einen Runterholen mit der Hand, Wichsen mit den Füßen sowei Dominanz über Männer. Komm rein und sieh, wie eine vollbusige, verwöhnte, junge englische Lady in geile Erregung gerät, wenn ich versuche herauszufinden, wie ich mich selbst und andere auf der Jagd nach perversem sexuellem Vergnügen befriedigen kann. Sieh dir meine erotischsten und intimsten Eskapaden an, JETZT GLEICH!

Mistress Hybrid and Slaves

Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots

Miss Hybrid in her Dungeon.

I do love to spend time in my dungeon. I wear leather boots and this fantastic leather bikini.

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots


I often get emails from potential slaves, requesting to come and visit my dungeon. Mistress Hybrid, please may I come and be punished by you, etc.

For example……….
Mistress, thank you for your reply. Attached is a photo from last week, not the best but most recent. I’m a very neat meticulous person. I look after myself physically by running, light weights and very healthy diet. As mentioned I also love to cook and would be honoured to serve you meals. I would like to think, anything you desire I would be able to provide. Sexually I have fetishes that I think will please you, at the moment I’m looking for someone to take advantage of all I have to offer, and more, most importantly. May I suggest Sunday for us to meet and you make a decision. I’m also free up to 11am. Monday if that would be better for you….

I ignored the misserable maggot…
Mistress, having not heard from you I sumise you do not require my services. But maybe a decision has not been made. I’m email to ask if you would consider me for a day trial. If you have lost my details I am happy to let you have them again, your sub/slut David

and more

No one understands the power of a woman over a man as well as you. Your latest updates are so very addicting. Your body is perfect. How I wish I could dine on your cunt and ass…clean you thoroughly…then have you torture me in your dungeon.

I adore your images and worship them every day.

If I am writing too much, please let me know.

Once they arrive and see Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots, carrying a riding crop, the would be slaves often make their excuses and ask to leave.

Miss Hybrid with crop

Would you like to come and see me,>>>> click here <<<<< if you would