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Miss Hybrid

Mistress Hybrid more feeble request from a slave

feeble request from a slave

Request from a slave

Mistress Hybrid, with regards to prostate play, my limitations are only physical. I do trust your expertise and with my compliance opened up to give you unlimited anal access. Only butt plug and fingers are generally used. I’m looking forward to being trained by you accept anything you might like to give me. With pain, if it is giving you pleasure that also pleasures me. I love to serve, if pain is part of serving you it is not a problem. You asked me on the phone if I dress completely or just underwear. I told you underwear which I generally do, but on one occasion I did dress fully. If you want to have me fully dressed on another occasion I would enjoy doing this for you. Hope you don’t mind that I self indulge in a fantasie. I was hoping my Mistress Hybrid would give me a pair of her used panties for me to wear on Thursday night in bed.

Mistress Hybrid and Slaves Requests

Mistress Hybrid and Slaves

This is a typical request list from would be slaves…

Dear Mistress Hybrid

1. Bedroom –
Making Your bed and tidying, washing and ironing Your clothes, putting away Your toys after ‘washing’ them with my tongue, dressing You etc.
You leave Your shoes or boots outside Your bedroom door each night and I have to clean them with my tongue.
After Your night out I clean the mess from Your fanny and bum whilst You tell me of the men and women You have fucked,
2. Bathroom –
Painting Your toe and finger nails, panties have to be pre-washed with my tongue.
I am Your toilet paper or full toilet and also kneel by Your side whilst You wash etc. and take all Your mouth washings, nail clippings etc.

3. Lounge -Mistress Hybrid please…
After serving drinks I’m used as Your foot stool or as human furniture a table or standard lamp for instance, I give You foot massages.
Punishments include face slapping, ball kicking, hogtied as Your foot stool.
4. Kitchen –
I serve You Your meal and I’m fed scraps off the floor, some being crushed beneath Your boot, shoe or bare foot.
Punishments include, I am only allowed to drink from a dog bowl which You regularly fill with Mistress Hybrid pee, fed Muesli but with piss not milk
Being put into light bondage and gagged, possible with panties, to do the cooking.
5. Stables –
I’m cleaning out the stables (not in maid’s uniform), when You return, I lick Your muddy boots clean then remove them and lick Your ‘sweaty’ feet clean.
Punishments include whipping with Your riding crop and carriage whip (good place for a serious whipping).
Taken out to the woods and have to pick nettles with my bare hands and put them down my own knickers and inside my bra’.

Mistress Hybrid

Because I have upset You I’m chained up and left ‘overnight’ in the stable with just a bowl of pee to drink. In the morning You come in, kick me awake, I drink Your pee and am sent off to get ready for the new day as Your devoted maid.
6. Dungeon –Mistress Hybrid
You enjoy Yourself just playing with You maid, not needing a reason to whip and punish me, tie or cage me, etc. etc.

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Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots

Miss Hybrid in her Dungeon.

I do love to spend time in my dungeon. I wear leather boots and this fantastic leather bikini.

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots


I often get emails from potential slaves, requesting to come and visit my dungeon. Mistress Hybrid, please may I come and be punished by you, etc.

For example……….
Mistress, thank you for your reply. Attached is a photo from last week, not the best but most recent. I’m a very neat meticulous person. I look after myself physically by running, light weights and very healthy diet. As mentioned I also love to cook and would be honoured to serve you meals. I would like to think, anything you desire I would be able to provide. Sexually I have fetishes that I think will please you, at the moment I’m looking for someone to take advantage of all I have to offer, and more, most importantly. May I suggest Sunday for us to meet and you make a decision. I’m also free up to 11am. Monday if that would be better for you….

I ignored the misserable maggot…
Mistress, having not heard from you I sumise you do not require my services. But maybe a decision has not been made. I’m email to ask if you would consider me for a day trial. If you have lost my details I am happy to let you have them again, your sub/slut David

and more

No one understands the power of a woman over a man as well as you. Your latest updates are so very addicting. Your body is perfect. How I wish I could dine on your cunt and ass…clean you thoroughly…then have you torture me in your dungeon.

I adore your images and worship them every day.

If I am writing too much, please let me know.

Once they arrive and see Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots, carrying a riding crop, the would be slaves often make their excuses and ask to leave.

Miss Hybrid with crop

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