Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots

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Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots

Miss Hybrid in her Dungeon.

I do love to spend time in my dungeon. I wear leather boots and this fantastic leather bikini.

Miss Hybrid Leather Boots


I often get emails from potential slaves, requesting to come and visit my dungeon. Mistress Hybrid, please may I come and be punished by you, etc.

For example……….
Mistress, thank you for your reply. Attached is a photo from last week, not the best but most recent. I’m a very neat meticulous person. I look after myself physically by running, light weights and very healthy diet. As mentioned I also love to cook and would be honoured to serve you meals. I would like to think, anything you desire I would be able to provide. Sexually I have fetishes that I think will please you, at the moment I’m looking for someone to take advantage of all I have to offer, and more, most importantly. May I suggest Sunday for us to meet and you make a decision. I’m also free up to 11am. Monday if that would be better for you….

I ignored the misserable maggot…
Mistress, having not heard from you I sumise you do not require my services. But maybe a decision has not been made. I’m email to ask if you would consider me for a day trial. If you have lost my details I am happy to let you have them again, your sub/slut David

and more

No one understands the power of a woman over a man as well as you. Your latest updates are so very addicting. Your body is perfect. How I wish I could dine on your cunt and ass…clean you thoroughly…then have you torture me in your dungeon.

I adore your images and worship them every day.

If I am writing too much, please let me know.

Once they arrive and see Miss Hybrid wearing leather boots, carrying a riding crop, the would be slaves often make their excuses and ask to leave.

Miss Hybrid with crop

Would you like to come and see me,>>>> click here <<<<< if you would